Serving over 180,000 children in the Los Angeles area, Baby2Baby has a singular mission: to provide “low-income children […] with basic necessities that every child deserves.” Partnering with schools, shelters, and other nonprofit entities, they’ve now expanded into a national network, strengthening their positive impact on parents and children in tough situations.

Knighted’s Human Resources and Business Relations teams were lucky enough to partner with Baby2Baby recently, sorting clothing and supply donations for the weekly open-house for the community. Combining Knighted’s work ethic with an organization that gave out its 20 millionth diaper in 2017 was a natural choice, and we hope to support their mission again soon!


Are you interested in donating to Baby2Baby? Follow this link to support low-income children across the United States. Giving back is the first step to making a better tomorrow for others!