Power Players

Power Players (formerly known as Banker Brilliance) has been a central piece of the Knighted Writer for the past 46 editions. From math quizzes and riddles to crossword puzzles and arts and crafts – it has all been designed to reach out to you, our readers! Not to mention the amazing prizes that we tailor to our winners – Beats by Dre headphones, $100 Best Buy gift card, Amazon Fire HD tablet, Apple TV and so much more! To commemorate this rebrand to Power Players, the Knighted Writer felt the best way to highlight our team’s amazing gaming skills and honor our “eagle eyes” out on the floor is through a collaborative partnership with Knighted’s Casino Operations and Training & Development teams!


Several months ago at the Bicycle Casino, Surveillance Supervisor Fred Young implemented a “Catch of the Month” contest to reward some of the great mistake-catching abilities our Knights regularly employ. It was such a hit, we decided to expand it to a company-wide contest. In just two weeks after going company-wide, we were ecstatic to see over 300 hundred mistakes caught and logged into our system!

After looking through all the mistakes and seeing so many impressive examples of upholding the integrity of the game, we decided the fairest way to decide on Catch of the Month was to choose one mistake at random using a simple R-programming sampling function and we would like to congratulate Vanessa Thompson from Lotus!


During a shoe change on Vanessa’s Blackjack table, the dealer mistakenly tried loading the unshuffled decks that had just been used into the shoe. Vanessa confidently and respectfully pointed the mistake out to the dealer before it even reached the shoe.

show change

Shoe change mistakes are extremely interesting because they are by far and away the most dangerous to our assets if they go unnoticed, yet they are also a time when Associates and casino staff sometimes feel that less attention is needed compared to other aspects of the game like the payouts. This combination of high risk with the feeling of less importance can lead to disaster and it is what makes Vanessa’s catch so impressive and appreciated. Once again, congratulations Vanessa – the Knighted Writer team will be contacting you for your prize!

Do you have eagle eyes on the table and want to know how to qualify to be chosen as next month’s Power Player?  To submit an entry for “Catch of the Month” speak to your supervisor after catching a mistake and relay to them the time, table, dealer and a description of the mistake. We encourage our team members to do this discretely and away from the table to prevent relationship issues with the dealers. For more details, reach out to your Lead Supervisors. Good luck!