CHP Fleet Operations Event


California is known for its expansive and far-reaching freeways, and the people tasked with keeping these roads safe are the California Highway Patrol. From traffic enforcement to monitoring potential Homeland security threats, the men and women of the CHP serve California with distinction, character, and poise. It’s no wonder they asked Knighted for help when they needed it!

Knighted Neighbors, coupled with John F. Kennedy High School, were invited recently to CHP Fleet Operations for a volunteering day of litter clean-ups, landscaping efforts, and vehicle maintenance. Our Sacramento-area Knights were able to tour the facility as well, learning about vehicle assembly and officer cadet requirements. They were even able to pose with the cars after they were cleaned and detailed!


Would you like to get involved in helping the CHP? They provide many public programs and services, while the 11-99 Foundation is the CHP-supported nonprofit that supports CHP families in times of grief and crisis. Help protect some of the men and women in charge of protecting us!