Employee Spotlight

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.



Parkwest Casino Lotus
David Thao

This month’s Employee Spotlight for Sacramento is Lotus’s very own David Thao! David has been selected because he exhibits the commitment and leadership that we look for in a spotlight candidate. David is frequently covering shifts in other casinos like Parkwest Casino Lodi, working overtime whenever needed, and helping others by offering advice whenever he sees a coworker in need. He’s also advanced quickly on games like Pai Gow Poker!

A Fun Fact about David: although he likes Marvel shows and movies, he’s actually a huge Batman fan! He likes the character because he’s just a normal person who’s able to hold his own with other heroes. Is David Knighted’s own Batman? He’d also like to get back into hiking; the last place he hiked was at Yosemite and David would like to go to Mt. Diablo next!

Bay Area
Rotiyah Amil - Employee Spotlight

Rotiyah Amil
Parkwest Casino 580

Rotiyah Amil was selected for Employee Spotlight in the Bay because she represents the best that Casino 580 has to offer! Rotiyah is a great influence on not only her immediate peers but to everyone she’s around. Her positivity is one of her most notable attributes – easily observed from your very first interaction with her! Rotiyah currently knows games up to Three Card Poker and is on pace to start her development with Pai Gow Poker by the end of March. Her consistency with attendance and her ability to help newer employees with their development exemplifies what we want from our Associates here at Knighted.

Rotiyah is inspired by her father for his hard-working attitude. Growing up, she saw that he never complained, was a problem solver, and demonstrated the proper ethics she hopes to carry with her through life. Rotiyah tends to draw inspiration not only from relatives but people she meets in her daily life – like teachers and coworkers. While she gives her all here, Rotiyah has a very busy schedule outside of work. She enjoys playing video games, and some of her favorites include League of Legends, Monster Hunter, and Fortnite. She really enjoys eating and her favorite foods are burgers, burritos, and anything spicy (like hot wings)!

Southern California

Larry Thomas
Bicycle Casino – Main Floor

Larry Thomas is one of Bike’s superstars this month! Larry always comes to work with an upbeat attitude, is friendly and welcoming to new associates, and regularly participates in pre-shifts to ask questions. He’s been indispensable in our Clerk Rotation program: he shows initiative by seeing what the section needs and taking care of problems in creative ways. Larry takes ownership of his gaming knowledge as well, which has helped him progress through the games quickly.

Fun Fact: Before Lonzo Ball became well-known, Larry used to play basketball with him and his brothers at 24-Hour Fitness in Chino Hills. He also used to play basketball with Snoop Dogg’s son as well but didn’t know he was his son at the time. Larry also likes to try a new restaurant once a month, the majority of which have been Korean BBQ. He also recommends trying Donahoo’s Golden Chicken in Pomona since they “have the best chicken tenders.”


Clemente Rangel Alvarez
Bicycle Casino – Freedom Court

Last, but certainly not least, we have Clemente Rangel Alvarez earning Employee Spotlight this month! Clemente has always been a team player. He consistently stays overtime when needed and helps with any assignments that he’s given. He is poised, professional, and humble, and exemplifies the principles of “Lead From Where You Are” that our company holds. He stays focused on the gaming tables and stays on-task, even during busy, high-action situations. His attendance is impeccable: in all of last year, Clemente had no infractions! He’s not too far from passing the Pai Gow Tiles Card Speed Assessments to become a Tiles Associate as well!

Fun Fact: Clemente is getting married in 6 months in a beautiful chapel. A man of few words, when asked about how he felt about the wedding, he said: “it should be fun.” Clemente has been with his fiancée for 3 years, and they have a beautiful 9-month-old daughter together. They met 12 years ago, and she is the love of his life. He likes to hang out with his family (Clemente actually met his fiancée because his mom and her mom were childhood friends!), and they enjoy having BBQ’s together every Monday.