New! Knighted Neighbors



Knighted Ventures has always been passionate about giving back to our communities through service. Over the past 5 years, our team members in all business regions have given us so much to care about. In the past few months, we’ve challenged ourselves to evaluate how we can increase the impact of Knighted’s volunteer efforts. How could we as a company move towards being more focused and effective in how we give our time and effort? From this, we decided to rebrand and re-image Knighted’s outreach program.

The approach began with the name. Knights for Neighbors was catchy and easily rolled off the tongue; however, we felt as though it sounded like we were separating ourselves from the people that we help, and there’s nothing that could be further from the truth. We agreed to change our community outreach program name to Knighted Neighbors. This name encompasses all that we feel about volunteerism: it connects the values we live on a daily basis directly to the people in need around us.

Bay Zoo

For the rebranding and re-imaging to be a success, we decided to change the very structure of how we give our time. We found that the top 20 companies ranked in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have three areas of focus: environmental sustainability, philanthropy and social impact, and the pursuit of shared values and skills building. In the same vein, Knighted Neighbors will serve as a philanthropic division focusing on three aspects: volunteerism, environmental sustainability, and furthering employee education. Fortunately, we’ve been at the forefront of many of these initiatives already: donating our time to worthy causes, speaking with our governing entities about paperless filing, and Leadership Seminars.

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Like all the initiatives we’ve developed at Knighted, this division will be shaped by our team’s interests, ideas, and passion, and we’ll need your help in this process every step of the way. Be on the lookout for where you can help give back first-hand, as we have many events and ideas coming to fruition in the near future. We’re excited to see where this will lead us down the road, and can’t wait for all of you to start this journey with us. Thank you to all of our volunteers of past, present, and future: once again, you’ve proven to be the leaders and trailblazers that we’ve always known you to be!

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