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Knighted believes that people will always be our most important asset. This belief is evident not only in the unique community and camaraderie within all parts of our organization but also in the value we place on teamwork. Sadly, this past March the Knighted Bicycle team lost a valued team member, Stace Woodward. Just a few months shy of his 25th birthday, Stace passed away in a tragic car accident. Described by his family and friends as compassionate, funny, smart, and someone who “genuinely embraced life and made [it] a point to live every moment,” Stace left an impact on all of us, and his departure left many team members in shock and disbelief.

Stace Woodward

While a handful of Knights were able to attend his funeral services, the team wanted to do more to pay tribute to Stace. As an avid shoe collector, Stace was known to be a “sneakerhead.” Joel Murphy, a fellow Knight and member of the same new hire class as Stace, shared the idea to partner with Shoes That Fit – a charity that provides shoes to children in need.

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In remembrance of Stace and in conjunction with Shoes That Fit, Knighted Ventures donated 100 pairs of shoes to students at Baldy View Elementary School in Upland, CA — the same school district that Stace grew up in. On May 23, the Knighted Neighbors team and Stace’s parents were able to hand deliver new pairs of shoes to students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Our team members were also able to help students try on their new shoes and even laced up shoes with new neon shoelaces!

Although the students may not know the story behind why they received a new pair of shoes, the compassion and service demonstrated by the Knighted team and Woodward family was an embodiment of the memory of Stace. The room at Baldy View Elementary was full of more than just new shoes that afternoon; it was filled with the children’s smiles, laughter, and cheers of thankfulness.

Knighted Neighbors would like to thank Shoes That Fit, the Knighted team at Bicycle Casino, and the Woodward family for being a part of a memorable day that gave back the community and honored our fellow Knight, Stace Woodward.

“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.” – Helen Keller

Are you interested in donating to and/or learning more about Shoes That Fit? Visit them at For more details on this specific event, click here.