Supervisor Corner

This month we are spotlighting Lead Supervisors Connie Chung of Bicycle Casino and Pritesh Chandra of Cordova Casino. Whose nickname is Slim Shorty? And who will be visiting Auckland, New Zealand in the coming months? Keep reading to learn more about these awesome Supervisors!

Do you have any cool nicknames?
CC: A few along the way – Ninja, Consuela, Little One, Slim Shorty. There was once a popular journalist named Connie Chung, so I used to get various “Maury Povich” references since she is married to him :/

PC: No cool nicknames. Folks call me P, PC, and Chandra

How long have you been in the industry?
CC: 17 years 🙂

PC: Tail end of August will be 5 years.

What casinos have you worked in?
CC: Most of my years were at Bike and Hustler. I’ve also worked at Hollywood Park, Normandie, and Hawaiian Gardens.

PC: Normandie (which is now Lucky Lady), Parkwest Casino Lotus, The Bike, and Parkwest Casino Cordova.

What is your favorite game to “bank” and why?
CC: Tiles is the most exciting and challenging game. What keeps you on your toes is that, while all games are vulnerable, Tiles can be extremely vulnerable. You have the same dealers and the same players so you have to be weary of the relationships. Even with new players, there were teams in the past and even in the present. You have to look at many angles while monitoring the basics of the game and the basics of the game already have many layers.

PC: Don’t necessarily have a favorite game to bank: I see the games as the same. If we can get a player one-on-one and maybe they are buying action (regardless of the game),  I really enjoy that aspect. Also, I like the challenge of figuring out his/her tendencies. You eventually get to a point in the session where you have a pulse on how much they are going to bet or buy beforehand. Customer service definitely comes into play during those sessions as you are interacting with the player even more. It becomes a game within a game, if that makes sense.

What are three things that you look for in your team members? Why are they important?
CC: Positive Outlook – I think this is a big reflection of who we are, how we think and what we do. Life will definitely have its challenges, but how we look at them and go about them is what separates us as individuals.
Selflessness – I find it admirable to see others look outside themselves and instead understand the benefits to the greater team. One example I see and that many can relate to is that during stretches of overtime, many pitch in and share the burden of overtime together so that it is less impactful for the team. Between departments, we also have ops cater to training or training cater to ops. It’s that collaborative selflessness that helps find an efficient and healthy balance.
Self-Growth – Being open to feedback and being self-aware is the first part. Being driven to learn and grow is the next important part of being better versions of ourselves. While it isn’t easy, it’s worth it.

PC: Good Attendance – My litmus test across the board from Associates up to the Supervisor level is attendance. Not looking for perfect attendance but a habit of being reliable and there for the team.
Integrity –  None of us are saints and we all make mistakes. There’s something about an individual who can look you in the eye and tell you the truth no matter how good or bad. It builds credibility and trust.
Grit –  Every single one us goes through hardships and runs into a wall in our personal and/or work life. No matter the circumstance, you have to keep moving forward. After hearing many stories from our people, I’m convinced all of our team members possesses grit.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
CC: My late father was my rock. Growing up in a time of war, he saw the true value in life. He loved to stay productive maintaining his small business even until his final days. Even still, he managed to live a balanced life and truly enjoyed every moment of it. My mother’s positivity through her battle with stage 4b cancer over the last 4 years has also been a truly inspiring fight.
I also find inspiration through the stories of our fellow employees. I hear about their adversities, yet see their strength and positive outlook through these times. It is really amazing!

PC: There has been a multitude of individuals who have inspired me during my journey with KV and can’t attribute it to a single individual. In no particular order: Zechariah Gauna, Quynh Phan, JP Barbier, and Manuel Moreno have been the most inspirational. The countless discussions, talks, and guidance from them have helped me tremendously. Take their wisdom and use it during the day-to-day while also implementing my own style along the way.

Tell us about your most memorable experience volunteering and giving back to others?
CC: I love attending the One Voice in Santa Monica. The physical act of packaging a meal for families gets you involved and it’s really nice to see hundreds of people share an act of kindness during the holidays. Next, I enjoyed attending the Shoes that Fit event in honor of our beloved and missed, Stace Woodward. We had the opportunity to donate shoes to elementary school kids out in Upland.

PC: Spent some time volunteering for a library as part of their Words on Wheels program. We delivered books to those unable to physically make it to the library. You had these strong-willed individuals who didn’t allow a physical disability to hinder them from reading and learning.

If you had enough PTO and could go anywhere for summer vacation, where would you go and why?
CC: Any opportunity I can get, I’m traveling to Japan to spend more time with my mother. But if I had to go someplace new, I’d like to tour Europe and visit Alaska.

PC: This summer, I will be splitting my time between L.A. and Auckland, New Zealand. As far as the why, L.A. is home and haven’t been to New Zealand in a while. Although won’t physically be at the casino for a couple weeks, will only be a phone call or email away. This is a lifestyle.

Open Question: Is there anything that you would you like to say/share with your casino team?
CC: I remember meeting Stace Woodward during orientation. I was inspired by his story. He genuinely embraced life and made it a point to live every moment. He left his mark with many fellow KV in his short time with the company and I can still see his big smile in my mind. I wish I could have another day to tell him how much we valued him…
If I haven’t already shared that I value you, I would like to take this time to say that each and every one of you has an impact and that we value everyone’s commitment very much. Thanks, team!

PC: Want the Cordova team to know how fortunate I am to serve such a talented, hard-working, caring, and intelligent group of people. Proud to witness the progress we’ve made the past ten months. We just scratched the surface on where we can take Cordova. This place is only going to continue to get better and it’s because of each of you.