Employee Spotlight – July 2018

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.


20180627_205556 (1).jpg

Der Her
Parkwest Casino Lodi

Der Her is Lodi’s selection for Employee Spotlight! Der exhibits characteristics of Lodi’s ideal associate; she upholds excellent attendance, is flexible with scheduling, holds VIP banking status, remains professional on and off the table, and maintains open communication with management. Der always comes into work with a good attitude and for that alone, we appreciate her.

On her spare time, Der enjoys playing video games on her PS4. She is currently into playing Destiny, Monster Hunter, and Fortnite. When asked why she enjoys Fortnite, Der explained that the game is interactive and she can work together with her friends to achieve their goals for survival. Der holds a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Arts from California State University, Sacramento and enjoys drawing animations. She would love to visit Japan to experience the culture as Japan is a major contributor to the video game and animation realm.

Random facts about Der is that she enjoys eating Drunken Noodles from Thai restaurants as well as Bun Thit Nuong (vermicelli noodle with grilled pork) from Vietnamese restaurants. The most exotic food that she has tried is squirrel!

Bay Area

Hien Dang_Palace_ Employee Spotlight 2 (1)

Hien Dang
Palace Casino

This month we would like to highlight Palace associate Hien Dang for being an exceptional member of the team!

Hien is an Accounting and Finance major at San Jose State University and although his school load could be enough for others Hien also proves that work is a priority. He comes in for his scheduled shifts early, trains outside of work, stays as long as needed, and even volunteers to work on his days off.

Hien’s long days are never met without a smile, he is one positive force! He’s a joy to work with by his peers and everyone on the casino floor.

Fun Fact: Hien is a nature lover. Not only does he take in the views by sight but also by capturing photos. He takes strolls along the shoreline in hopes of discovering a new species of bird to take photos of.

Southern California


Sesar Gonzales
Golden West Casino

The Golden West associate chosen for Employee Spotlight this month is Sesar Gonzales. Sesar is an associate who defines KV excellence. He is very professional and always has a positive attitude. His laugh has a way of lighting up the room, causing all to join in. When it comes to being a team player, Sesar defines these words by being extremely helpful with all new hires that come into the casino without being asked. Sesar is always positive and takes up any opportunity to do extra work to help the team. Sesar is very dependable and a true pleasure to be around.

Sesar enjoys playing video games, binge-watching The Office, and playing basketball with friends in the park. Although he hasn’t traveled much as of yet he would like to visit Japan because of the technology, fast-paced city life. The country life of Japan also draws him in as it’s the polar opposite of the city and makes him feel like he could visit two separate worlds. Sesar also enjoys rock climbing and hopes to one day compete in the Ninja Warrior competition. If he were able to witness a historical event with his own eyes, he would like to witness the Battle of Gettysburg because of its history. It also reminds him of an episode of The Office when the cast traveled there.

Sesar is motivated to work as hard as his mother has, who is his role model. Growing up, he remembers how everyone always praised her for how hard she worked and now he uses that as fuel to keep up his work ethic. We appreciate everything he offers to the team along with his positive, can-do attitude.

A fun fact about Sesar is he’s named after a child his mother didn’t like growing up. She fell in love with the name because it used an “S” instead of the traditional spelling with a “C”, however, it’s clear his mom wasn’t too fond of the child, just the name.