Knighted Neighbors – Bay Area

Wardrobe for Opportunity


On Wednesday, July 18th our Bay Area Knights supported another great cause in Wardrobe for Opportunity, an organization that empowers the less-fortunate to enter the workforce, either returning or for the first time, and to find stability. Wardrobe is a boutique-style, one-stop-shop that provides not only quality professional apparel for its clients, but professional self-development courses that include: finance management, interview skill building, resume writing, and other career-building advice. Our Knights spent three hours sorting and selecting clothing donations for WFO clients, choosing only the best quality to ensure success.

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When asked about his thoughts on the event, first-time Knighted Neighbors volunteer Malik Ellison said: “This isn’t what I expected…and I’m glad to have participated.”

Other first-timer and Napa associate, Brittane Brown, explained that she volunteers regularly and is looking forward to joining the next volunteer event in NorCal. Overall, the team had a great time using their professional fashion sense to go through heaps of donations in a quick and thorough manner resulting in 5 full racks of interview-ready threads. Special thanks to Belinda Mercado, WFO’s Client and Volunteer Coordinator, for the opportunity to help give back.

MLK Jr Shoreline Clean-Up

Knighted Ventures - MLK Jr Shoreline Clean-up4

Participating in a cleanup event is a great way to get involved and make a difference for our local rivers, creeks, lakes, and beaches. On Saturday, July 21st, Knights volunteered with the Golden Gate Audubon Society to help protect Bay Area birds, other wildlife, and their natural habitats. Together, Knights rolled up their sleeves for a clean-up of the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, picking up hundreds of pounds of commonly-discarded items like straws, plastic bottles, packing foam, even tires!

“It’s shocking to see this much trash right in our backyard,” said Napa Valley Casino Associate, Alexis Torrecampo. “All the little stuff people tend to litter just adds up.”

It was fulfilling opportunity to go and help reverse a lot of the damage that was done and Knights, along with their family members, enjoyed watching their hard work create an even more beautiful planet and environment for all to enjoy.

Golden Gate Audubon’s Restoration Coordinator Janet Carpinelli was thrilled that we attended and even said: “Knighted is the best group that I’ve ever worked with!”

Job well done, Knights! Stay tuned for our next Knighted Neighbors Bay event!