Power Players – August 2018

We were thrilled to have a whopping 937 company-wide entries in Catch of the Month! This month’s winner came from our biggest location, and also the biggest contributor to Catch of the Month: Anissa Dickson from the Bicycle Casino!

Anissa Dickson_Power Players.jpg
Anissa Dickson

Anissa was on Pai-Gow Poker when the dealer mistakenly set a house-way hand as Queen High. Anissa skillfully pointed out that there was actually a straight in the hand! This is a great example of where countless hours of around-the-world and bookend straight drills paid off. Anissa will be receiving $300 for the great catch and her hard work!

Did you know that the most common mistakes on Pai-Gow Poker occur with straights and flushes? And did you also know that most people naturally see one better than the other? This goes for dealers as well, so if you and the dealer both struggle with the same thing, it’s very easy for mistakes to occur. This is why it’s so important to practice and become well-rounded with your ability to see hands in Pai-Gow.

We were so close to the 1,000 entry milestone that we’re going to make it a goal for the next month, and if we hit it, we will up the next prize to $350! If you are hoping to be selected as a Power Player in the future, continue striving to be the best Gaming Associate each and every day. When you catch any errors on the table, be sure to notify a member of the management team to be entered into our monthly drawing for a prize. Best wishes out there Eagle Eyes!

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