Employee Spotlight – September 2018

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.


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Jazmine Esparza
Parkwest Casino Lotus

This month, Sacramento has turned it’s spotlight to Lotus Casino! Jazmine Esparza has been selected and we made a surprise visit to catch up with Jazmine. See what she had to say below:

For those who haven’t had an opportunity to get to know you, do you mind sharing a little bit about yourself?

I’m currently in school. Usually, I take 3 classes but this semester i’m going full time. I’m a math major, so a lot of the times it involves homework and a lot of stuff of outside of school. If I’m not at school, I’m at work. During the summer, I also like to travel. Last summer I went to Germany, Italy and Prague. This year it was Ireland, Seattle, Chicago and several cities in California.

It’s been a year and a half into your Knighted journey, what is one of your favorite KV moments?

One of my favorite moments would be the BBQs that the other Associates would throw. They weren’t really an official thing, It was originally meant for Associates on the grave shift to hang out more but it grew to people from different shifts. They were really fun and it definitely boosted morale. We grew closer as a team.

Hashtags seem to be all the craze nowadays. what’s your hashtag for 2018?

This year has just been #homebody. I just moved into a new apartment and I’ve been spending time trying to make it look nice. I also like to cook. I get excited about my days off because I can cook a nice dinner.

If Hollywood made a movie similar to your life, which actor/actress do you think would represent you the best?

Personality wise, a lot of my friends say that I remind them of Aziz Ansari and I definitely take that as a compliment. They said that it’s the way that he enunciates his words in his stand up specials that reminds them of me. Also, after the second Deadpool movie came out, a lot of people would tell me “OMG, you look just like the lead actress Morena Baccarin!

What are your upcoming personal or professional goals?

After getting my Bachelors, I want to get into a Master’s program and take some online classes for programming. I heard that they’re rigorous and could sometimes be anywhere from 3 to 9 Months. I’d like to travel more as well. I would like to go to Japan and Greece next year.

Any words of advice for your co-workers or anyone else reading this?

We have a very unique work environment, It’s serious and fun at the same time. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t progressing through the company or the games quickly. Everyone goes at their own pace!

Bay Area

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Brittane Brown
Napa Valley Casino

Napa Valley Casino has selected Brittane Brown as this editions employee spotlight. Read on and be inspired!

Hey Britt, a big hooray to you in receiving the employee spotlight for NVC this edition! This is a good chance for you to let the whole company know how awesome you are, can you start off with a little bit more about yourself?

I am a 22 year old college student majoring to become an OB/GYN. I graduated CCMCC last year with a license upholding EKG, Phlebotomy, and Medical Assisting. Now, I currently attend Solano Community College working to get my AS in science then hope to transfer to Sonoma State next year. I hate attending school but I’ve been attending college for 5 years and will still continue even though I dread it.

With all of that on your plate, what motivates you to get up and come to work every day?

Waking up each morning knowing that today is a new day and that it will be better than yesterday. If i make it better, that’s what motivates me every morning. I’ve realized I have 24 hours in a day that I can take advantage of, so I should do what I can while I can with no regrets about it later.

Being that you like to utilize all the hours in a day, what’s the first thing you do when you get off of work?

Depending on the time I get off, I usually head straight to the gym. While I am already out and about and still have some energy I try and hit the gym so I can tire myself out by the time I get home.

Now that you’ve been with Knighted for 8 months have we changed you into a morning or night person?

I’m a morning person. Working for Knighted has given me the opportunity to really push myself especially when it comes to attending school. Knighted really helps me and works with my school schedule, and now I am able to have a schedule to do what needs to be done. Usually gym in the morning, then school, then work.

What would you say are the 3 words or phrases you say most?

“That’s Amazing!,” “100 Percent,” and “nevermind.”

I use nevermind because when I feel like I see a mistake I put my hand out and sometimes I realize it’s nothing so i say nevermind.

Tell me, when you’ve saved up enough money, what places would you like to visit?

Jamaica , Philippines, and Hawaii!

How has Knighted helped you in your career development?

Knighted has taught me a lot about myself. It helped open doors that I wouldn’t expect. Knighted is a job where I feel challenged to where I know I need to work my butt off. It’s helped me overcome my fear of numbers and solving problems in my head. I look forward to staying with this company and seeing where it may take me in the future, and to always try and stay positive.

Now let’s talk goals for 2018, what’s your goal for the rest of the year?

Live my life to the fullest and not to look back. I’ve accomplished so much this year and I couldn’t do it without the support of my family, my Knighted family, and my best friends.

You seem to have a really good grasp on yourself, what’s one thing that you know now that you would tell your past self?

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, you will never be too old to go after what you want.

Did you want to give a shout out to your coworkers reading this?

I appreciate you guys being a family to me. I’ve met some amazing co-workers here and even some amazing managers. I couldn’t ask for a better team. You guys are amazing. We have so many different personalities in this casino – any mood I may be in, there’s always someone here to make me laugh and get my mind off of things.

Southern California

Bike_FC_LizAllman_EmployeeSpotlight (1)

Liz Allman
Bicycle Casino – Freedom Court

Bicycle Freedom Court has chosen Liz Allman to spotlight this month! We caught up with Liz at the Bike to chat with her about what she’s been up to. Read more to find out!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m originally from L.A. and have been working for Knighted for two years. I found out about the job through Work Pop which is an app that pops up on your phone for jobs around the area. Before I saw the job posting, I didn’t know this job even existed! My boyfriend and I, who is also a fellow knight, love to play video games like Pokemon and Nintendo Switch.

What’s the first thing you do when you get off of work?

I always like to come home and unwind, change out of my work clothes and get dinner started while watching Orange is the New Black or America’s Got Talent.

If given a chance, what would you like to do as a career for a day?

I would say be a teacher and bring a lesson to a group of students. I’m not sure what I would teach but something interesting that I’m an expert in.

What’s a hidden talent that you have?

I’m not sure if this is considered a talent, but i’m pretty good at crocheting. I like to make water bottle totes and it’s relaxing. I’m also a decent volleyball player and played varsity 4 years at Arroyo High School but I haven’t played in awhile.

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. What’s your theme song for the summer of 2018?

The Pokemon theme song since I’ve been playing it all summer. It’s super catchy!

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what food would that be?

Pepperoni pizza with parmesan, red pepper chili flakes, and Tapatio from Costco- I could eat it all day!

Which fictional character do you think would make an awesome Gaming Associate and why?

Dwight from The Office because he’s so passionate about his work. He would get on the dealer’s nerves but would catch all of their mistakes.

If you could have dinner with two influential people who would they be and why?

Jim Carrey because he is funny but also has interesting perspectives on life and I feel like he could teach me a lot. I would also choose my mom because I’m the only girl out of her five children so we have a special connection and I always enjoy meals with her.

What’s one thing that you know now that you would tell your past self?

To be more adventurous and don’t be afraid to take the jumps. I recently went ziplining, cliff jumping and parasailing. My past self would have never done it especially since I’m afraid of heights! For Knighted, when I first started working I would tell myself when I own up to my mistakes learn from them and move on.

My last question for you is, what is your proudest moment at Knighted?

When I caught a mistake on Pai Gow. It was a small difference in hands that determined if we would win or lose. It really showed me that I’ve become a better and more confident Gaming Associate.

Bike_David Corona_EmployeeSpotlight_1.jpg

David Corona
Bicycle Casino – Main Floor

This month, Bicycle Casino Main Floor has chosen David Corona to spotlight this month. Keep reading to find out what makes David an amazing Knight!

Congratulations on being chosen for this month’s employee spotlight! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

To start, most people call me Corona since there are so many Davids here in the casino. I’ve been with the company for almost 3 years and know all of the games up to Pai Gow. My biggest passion is playing video games because it is my escape whenever I am going through any issues. I also love to listen to music any chance I get.

What motivates you to get up and come to work every day?

It would have to be my family since the money I earn helps provide for them. My parents have sacrificed so much for me and my sister and would always get us things, even though they could have said no. I don’t tell them enough, but I definitely appreciate them and want to help them in any way I can.

What is your favorite thing about working with Knighted?

My coworkers. A lot of them are always down to help you out and if you are looking down or upset, they’ll start cracking jokes to make you smile. Everyone is super friendly, even if they don’t know you they’ll still walk up and give you a fist bump.

Before working at Knighted Ventures, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

My first job, I used to be a janitor cleaning office buildings for Disney. We would walk into their conference rooms and see unreleased movie trailers and merchandise before it hit the stores. It was very cool!

We’re more than halfway through 2018. What’s your goal for the rest of the year?  

 I know everyone says it but I really do want to start eating healthier and exercising more. The older I get, the more I feel it especially when I eat junk food. I also want to go back to school for Video Game Design so I need to keep doing research.

What’s a hobby that you do that no one from Knighted knows?

I like to walk my dog Simba every day and when I do, the time goes by very fast and we always have a good time, except for the time we saw a coyote. I got him for free when he was just a puppy so watching him grow and taking care of him makes me happy.

You mentioned video games earlier as a passion of yours.  What is your favorite video game of all time and why?

Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube from 2001, I still play it till this day. There are a lot of tournaments that go on for the game so one day I would like to participate in at least one. I am really into video games and follow all of the guys that do the tournaments and so do my friends. It would be cool to do a tournament with my friends because I am very competitive.

As we rapidly approach the end of summer, what is your go-to summer song?

The song I can never go wrong with is To Live and Die in L.A. by Tupac. That song always puts me in a chill mood and whenever I’m thinking about moving out of L.A., I listen to that songs and I’m like, “nah i’ll stay.” I can never get tired of listening to that song.

My last question will be a fun one. If you could be a mythical creature, which one would you be and why?

I know everyone will think that this is because of work but Dragons have been my favorite since I was a kid. I always loved reptiles as a kid and watching shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon, the dragons were always the coolest.