Power Players – September 2018


The Knighted Writer is excited to recognize one of our veteran team members, Nexus Assoon, as this month’s Power Player! Nexus has been with Knighted for over 5 years and is one of our go-to Pai-Gow Poker associates at the Bicycle Casino. So, what mistake did Nexus catch this past month that made him a Power Player? Let’s find out.

Nexus Assoon

It was just another day on the Pai-Gow Poker tables at the Bicycle Casino. The dice rolled, cards were out, and the first hand was dealt – but something was off.  The dealer mistakenly switched the cards that were meant for seat #7 with seat #6. Everything was about to get mixed up, with the final hand going to seat #7 instead of the first hand going to seat #7! Can you imagine what would happen if hands were mixed up during a Pai-Gow Poker game? Yikes! As Nexus immediately recognized what was going on, he calmly stepped in and corrected the mistake. Not only was he on high alert, but he reacted quickly and with such poise. Great catch Nexus!

We contacted Nexus to let him know that he had won this month’s Power Player recognition for his catch of the month. Not only was Nexus very surprised, he was very thankful as well. When we asked Nexus what he wanted or needed the most, he mentioned recently having some car troubles. So to help Nexus out, the Knighted Writer provided him with a $350 Visa gift card to cover some of his car expenses! As you can see, Nexus was very excited about his Power Players prize! Congratulations, Nexus!


Wondering how you can be entered in the monthly Power Player and Catch of the Month raffle? Speak with your Supervisor team to learn more about how you can submit your catches. Good luck!