Employee Spotlight – October 2018

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.


Peter Saechao
Parkwest Casino Lodi

Peter has been with Knighted for a little over 6 months and has already impacted the Lodi team in numerous ways. When asked about how they would describe Peter, his supervisors chose three words: humble, hardworking, and genuine. 

Peter consistently demonstrates what it is to be a good Gaming Associate and is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure his team is successful. His dedication to his team is infectious and uplifting. Congratulations Peter on this awesome achievement and keep up the great work!


Bay Area

Jazmin Hernandez
Parkwest Casino 580

Jazmin just reached her 1 year anniversary with Knighted in October and we are very excited to showcase her in this month’s Knighted Writer. Jazmin is known in the casino to have a positive attitude and a genuine care for her team members. She comes to work and completes tasks with a smile and takes concern regarding any issues in the casino.

In addition, she works hard and volunteers to help out her supervisors and fellow coworkers whenever possible. Jazmin exemplifies Knighted’s values and we are very grateful to have her part of the 580 team. Continue the amazing work, Jazmin!


Southern California

Ana Duran
Golden West Casino

Ana has been with Knighted Golden West for more than a year and continually demonstrates values that align with the organization. At home, Ana’s inspiration and motivation are driven by her 10-year old son Gabriel. At work, Ana aims to create a good work environment through her positive attitude and willingness to help others. Ana demonstrates strong work ethic and teamwork by taking the initiative to help other associates by training them or sitting-in for them to get training.
Ana embraces change and adapts to it because she knows that change is necessary for the business, and with business growth comes continued opportunities for our team. Thank you, Ana, for your continued commitment your Golden West team and to Knighted!


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