Power Players – October 2018

The clock hits 9:53pm and all bets are in on UTH23. Player receives their 2 cards and decides to play the hand. Check, check, and check and the player wins! Oswaldo pushes out his rack and the dealer begins to pay all the bets. Only the dealer doesn’t qualify and Oswaldo notices just in the perfect time to calmly stop the game and inform the dealer that the Ante bet does not get paid out. A very common mistake on UTH and this is typically why we like dealers to push back these bets whenever they don’t qualify but sometimes they don’t which is when our job kicks in.

Osvaldo Huizar - Picture.JPG

We reached out to Oswaldo to let him know he won Power Players for his nice catch on the UTH table and he was ecstatic and appreciative. When asked how he would like his $300 prize, he said he would love to buy his son a Nintendo Switch!


Most gamers know the Switch cost a bit more than the prize so we gave Oswaldo a $300 gift card towards his new game console. Congrats again Oswaldo!


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