Employee Spotlight – November 2018

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.



Nancy Ta
Parkwest Casino Cordova

We are proud to announce Cordova Associate Nancy Ta as this month’s employee spotlight! Not only is she a quintessential team member, but she also embodies many positive characteristics that our team values. She’s active during all assignments, participates in group events, and is understanding of team and operational needs. Nancy is described as being incredibly humble and consistent.

She is considered to be the go-to for restaurant advice but doesn’t consider herself a foodie. She enjoys trying new foods and going to new places, and fellow team members go to her for suggestions and recommendations. Congratulations Nancy on this awesome achievement and keep up the great work!

Bay Area

Luo Yang Chen
Palace Casino

Palace crew is featuring Luo Chen for the employee spotlight. Luo has been with Knighted for 1 year and some change and is already a ninja on Tiles! He mastered all the games and passed all procedural assessments on his first try! As an associate, he has good floor awareness and isn’t afraid to offer ways we can improve operations. Luo exhibits leadership traits that, in turn, allow everyone else around him to step up their game.

Fun fact: Luo is self-motivated. He speaks Chinese fluently but is also learning Vietnamese just by listening and interacting with the players! Continue the amazing work, Luo!


Southern California


Charlie Sherman
Players Casino

This month, we are excited to highlight Charlie from Player’s Casino! Charlie is a talented artistic person and has excellent drawing skills. He has his own notebook that he sometimes brings in to work and sketches fellow associates during long dead-spreads.

He has also been voted a Team Spirit Award by the rest of the Players casino KV team during a previous holiday party, which proves that he has a friendly and positive spirit. He comes in every day with a smile on his face and generates positivity to the rest of the team. Thank you, Charlie, for your continued commitment your team and to Knighted!


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