Power Players – November 2018

It was just like any other day on blackjack at Parkwest Sonoma Casino. The dealer hits the first card to each player, leaving a card for the bank hand. Dealer proceeds to build the hands, taking heed from the players. With a 5 for the bank hand showing, the dealer flips the second card… a 2. Completing the hand, the dealer hit out a 6 and then an 8. 22 the dealer states, looking to the associate for the payout rack. The associate, confirming his count one more time, calmly states, “Um, is that a 21?” Dealer looks back at the hand and recounts and sure enough, it’s a 21. The associate was correct. Imagine if he hadn’t caught that?! Thanks to Jake Scott’s quick action and focus, we were able to prevent incorrect payouts. Nice job, Jake!

We reached out to Jake to let him know he had won this edition’s Power Player. He was shocked and wanted to know which mistake was being featured (this guy must catch a lot of mistakes!) When asked how he’d like to receive his prize, Jake mentioned he had been wanting to take his wife Faythe on a trip to Vegas for some time now, and this might be perfect to use towards that. He thinks Vegas would be perfect because he is able to maintain his graveyard sleep schedule and enjoy the nightlife in Vegas. Since tickets are a little over $300, we’ve sent Jake a gift card to use towards them. Congrats again Jake!

Wondering how you can be entered in the monthly Power Player and Catch of the Month raffle? Speak with your Supervisor team to learn more about how you can submit your catches. Good luck!

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