Sacramento – Thanksgiving Shout-Outs

Lotus Casino

I’m thankful for everyone because they’re the best in the west.

I’m thankful for Mitch because he’s very helpful in learning new games. He’s very knowledgeable.

I’m thankful for Chris C. because he’s always positive when it comes to training. He likes to check up on his peers.

I’m thankful for Matthew because he teaches me TCP.

I’m thankful for Evan F. because he taught me that vampires can work the graveyard shift.

I’m thankful for my husband, family, and friends because without them I would not be who I am today.

I’m thankful for Rachel H. because she came on grave.

I’m thankful for all the training staff because of the patience and encouragement to keep pushing.

I’m thankful for Kevin because he works OT even though he has 2 jobs.

I’m thankful for Kevin because he’s awesome.

I’m thankful for Alesha because all of the desserts that she makes for the team and especially the tiramisu that she made specifically for me.

I’m thankful for having a job because I like to pay bills.

I’m thankful for Naomi V. because she’s always keeping the desk clean.

I’m thankful for Cuddy because of the time on three-card.

I’m thankful for the 1:40 pm shift because they listen to me complain about my wedding planning all the time.

I’m thankful for Daniel.

I’m thankful for the Knighted Team because they’re all diligent workers and very dependable.

I’m thankful for Kong because he’s super down to earth and always helps out however way he can.

I’m thankful for Marigold because she passed her TCP NGA.

I’m thankful for James L. because his concern for Associate’s well-being allow him to be a reliable leader who makes the right calls at the right time.

I’m thankful for Dave S. because he’s a great mentor who’s been very instrumental in helping me learn new games.

I’m thankful for Dennis because he’s willing to compromise with Associates and the way he runs his shifts. I wasn’t feeling well and he expressed concern and also made assignment changes to benefit my health even though it was a busy day.

I’m thankful for Duran because he’s positive, friendly and can talk to my supervisor and he listens.

I’m thankful for James and Dennis for all the Ops leading and positivity.

I’m thankful for electricity because it’s convenient.

I’m thankful for Manomai because he’s a nice guy, very helpful, a great leader and always has the answers. Thanks for listening!

I’m thankful for Alesha because she always asks for training and bakes for the entire casino. If anyone deserves a thank you, it’s her.

I’m thankful for Maya for catching a mistake on EZ5 as a second pair. She had a great approach to the dealer also.

I’m thankful for Peter because he’s always killing Tiles.

I’m thankful for Lee M. because he’s always helping me with my training, assessments and with KV.

I’m thankful for Marigold, Evan, Autumn and Maya for working hard on learning TCP. Congrats!

I’m thankful for the patience that all of our supervisors like Cuddy and Amit have with all of us because I feel like we ask for so much and they are always so kind to accommodate.

I’m thankful for all my Supervisors/Leads because they hold it down on every shift no matter what the situation is. Y’all the real MVPs!

I’m thankful for Peter V. because of his calm demeanor, positive outlook and consistent and well-meant feedback with training. It’s helped me come a long way.

I’m thankful for James L. because he stepped up to the plate and works hard in his role.

I’m thankful for Jose because he has good taste in socks.

I’m thankful for Maika X. because she encourages me to pass Tiles.

I’m thankful for Daniel M. because he is a great Ops Manager and he helped me on my work schedule. He checks in with associates and he does what he can to help regardless of whether it’s his day off or not.

I’m thankful for Marigold because she passed her NGA for TCP!

I’m thankful for Red Bull because of Amit.

I’m thankful for Chase because he’s always working hard and helps me on Tiles. Tiles is a love/hate relationship!

I’m thankful for Pha because he helps out with breaks and OT.

I’m thankful for James L. because he’s always down to help out at work and he’s cool.

I’m thankful for Lee M. because he brings in the very good pens to write with.

I’m thankful for Cuddy because he’s doing great as a Supervisor. Job well-done sir!

I’m thankful for Chris C. because he’s always positive during training sessions and the on floor.

I’m thankful for Pheng because he was such a great hotel roommate at Gilroy! He brought me food every day. Thanks!

I’m thankful for Maika because she put together an awesome PG training session.

I’m thankful for Colin, Rose, Cheepheng, Vans, Hunter, Shanon, Jose, Miguel, David T. because they’re awesome and helped out at Garlic City with such short notice.

I’m thankful for My Knighted Family because they had my back since day one.

I’m thankful for Peter V. because he’s the homie! The main reason I came a long way so quickly.

I’m thankful for Lee M. because he always helps out and is great at what he does.

I’m thankful for Cuddy because he’s awesome at his job.

I’m thankful for Kong because he puts in tons of work while getting absolutely no sleep.

I’m thankful for Chris C. because he always brings good vibes and supports people when they’re feeling down.

I’m thankful for Maya because she’s always positive and that’s cool.

I’m thankful for Nikole because she’s always down to switch tables.

Cordova Casino

I’m thankful for Richard D. because he has come so far in his development at Cordova. I’m so proud of him.

I’m thankful for my management team because they’re always trying their best to help everyone without expecting anything in return.

I’m thankful for Yeins L. because he never complains about anything and he is such a team player.

I’m thankful for Steven G. because he makes working at Cordova more enjoyable.

I’m thankful for Toulee H. because he’s just himself. He also tries to stick it to the end at work.

I’m thankful for Leticia H. because she listens to me when I need to vent my thoughts without judging me.

I’m thankful for Edwin C. because he has my back at work when I need it.

I’m thankful for my associates because even at my lowest, they make working for me more pleasurable.

I’m thankful for my co-workers because they have become family.

I’m thankful for Lacey because Lacey’s a friendly co-worker who’s always fun to be around, moves along very quickly, and will go very far.

I’m thankful for Caroline because she’s a very hard worker. We started working around the same time and we look out for each other.

I’m thankful for Stephen. Thank you for always being so kind and helping throughout my time here. You’re a funny dude who always has a great attitude.

I’m thankful for Brandy because it’s been nice working with her at Cordova. She’s a valued hard-worker with a contagious smile.

I’m thankful for Sarena because she’s been very friendly and welcoming in my time here. Thank you for showing me the ropes and always willing to lend a hand.

I’m thankful for Zo because he’s a hard worker and always has a great attitude.

I’m thankful for Shanyn because she’s a big help here. I always look forward to seeing her.

I’m thankful for Brittani because she progresses really quickly while juggling other responsibilities in life. She’s an all-around team player who works hard.

I’m thankful for Katie because you have been doing a great job being our Development Lead.

I’m thankful for Nancy V. because you’re doing an awesome as a mentor.

I’m thankful for Nancy T. because she’s friendly and always has a smile on her face. I always enjoy when we are paired together.

I’m thankful for Steven because he’s a funny guy with a good personality. He’s a great addition to the team.

I’m thankful for Corey because he’s been very welcoming and kind since I started here. I appreciate the cookies you bring.

I’m thankful for Sergio because he’s a patient and uplifting mentor who works hard and displays true leadership qualities.

I’m thankful for Dan because he cared enough about the health of the team to pick up respirator masks for everyone.

I’m thankful for Sou because he’s a great Supervisor who leads by example and pushes the team to achieve excellence.

I’m thankful for Richard because he’s charismatic and funny. It’s always fun to see him at work.

I’m thankful for Sam because she’s a friendly supervisor who works hard and stands as a testament to how far hard work and determination can get you.

I’m thankful for Lila because she’s always been helpful and kind in my time here. Best of luck in her endeavors. She’ll go very far in life.

I’m thankful for John because he’s very with a lot of experience to share. Thank you for your help with training.

I’m thankful for Lyle because of his positive attitude.

I’m thankful for Larry because he’s an excellent mentor and he does a great job of running the floor.

I’m thankful for my mom because she told me to never reach for the skies. Always reach for something beyond that.

I’m thankful for all the good and bad events that occurred in my life because without it, I wouldn’t be who I am.

I’m thankful for Sergio because he always teaches me good tricks on Pai Gow but also makes it really challenging and fun.

I’m thankful for Knighted Ventures because of their support and giving me the opportunity to grow.

I’m thankful for the KV associates because, in light of recent circumstances, we have all stepped up to keep KV Cordova going strong.

I’m thankful for the entire Cordova Casino Team because their guidance and encouragement pushed me through 2 rough times in my life.

I’m thankful for having Ricardo and Isaac and Edwin as our Supes/Leads because they make work flow smoothly.

I’m thankful for Samantha because she always makes sure that I’m okay and that I’m able to get what I need like training advice, banking advice, and tips in general.

I’m thankful for Dan because he bought us respirators and he doesn’t hesitate to help.

I’m thankful for Sou’s pre-shift because it gets me pumped right before I start!

I’m thankful for Maianne because she keeps it positive at work no matter what.

I’m thankful for Sam and Sou because they take the time out to train me on tiles.

I’m thankful for Sue C. because she’s willing to help out when I need a break on the floor.

I’m thankful for Edwin A. because of his way of turning a bad day into a good one.

I’m thankful for Alex H. because he’s determined to help out as much as he can.

I’m thankful for all the things that are happening because these days, God is always there to protect us. He is there for our problems in life, sadness, and hardships. He’s there to embrace our family and we are still remaining faithful in his church.

Lodi Casino

I’m thankful for Joseph B. because he helped me grow and offered words of encouragement before my new adventure in Florida.

I’m thankful for Davis N. for believing in me and encouraging me not to give up. You are a great mentor, leader, and friend. Thanks!

I’m thankful for Carlos for welcoming me to the team and giving me the opportunity to grow at my new location.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving because it’s a good holiday.

I’m thankful for air because we’d die without it. Everybody has some.

I’m thankful for all my coworkers because they’ve helped me grow and made me realize my goal in life.

I’m thankful for my fiance and furbabies because they put a smile on my face every morning before work and every night before bed.

I’m thankful for health because a happy body is a happy soul.

I’m thankful for my wife going through the journey of pregnancy because I know she goes through so much and is always supportive of everything I do.

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work for KV because it’s a wonderful company with amazing benefits.

I’m thankful for Juan R. because he brings the best pineapple candy and lollipops.

I’m thankful for Lodi Leads because they helped get me to where I am today. Without their help, I wouldn’t have gotten my opportunities to move up within the company.

I’m thankful for turkeys because they’re yummy in my tummy.

I’m thankful for Google Maps because it makes sure I get to work on time and helps me avoid traffic.

I’m thankful for Kendrick, Everardo, Va, and Nelson because they are patient with me when they are teaching me tiles.

I’m thankful for coffee breaks because, without it, I wouldn’t survive graveyard shift.

I’m thankful for my boss Alex and my mentors because they are patient with me when working to make sure I pass my test.

I’m thankful for my kids because they are the reason why I’m pushing myself toward better things.

I’m thankful for my team at Lodi because they are one of the most supportive and patient bosses/mentors I could’ve asked for. I can always go to them whenever I want to progress or need help.

I’m thankful for apple pie because we all know why.

I’m thankful for my mum because she is always there for me, especially at my lowest and I couldn’t be more grateful for her taking care of me.


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