Supervisor Corner – November 2018


Northern California


Michelle Khounphinith is an Operations Supervisor at Lodi Casino. Michelle has been with Knighted for a little over 3 years and has worked at all three Sacramento locations. Originally starting off at Lotus, Michelle quickly learned all the games and was an integral part of operations at all three Sacramento locations. She was promoted to Shift Lead at Lotus in late 2016, but it didn’t take long for her to learn the ropes as she was promoted to Operations Supervisor in October 2017.

Prior to Knighted, Michelle worked at the Help Desk for a security alarm company. During her free time, Michelle enjoys going to the gym, attending music festivals, and spending time with her daughter. She recently returned from vacationing with her family in Hawaii. Michelle has been a force to be reckoned with in the casino and is an inspiration to her team. Check out the video interview above to learn even more about Michelle!

Southern California


Guadalupe “Lupe” Alvarado is a Development Supervisor for Southern California operations. Lupe has been in the casino industry for over 7 years and transferred over to Knighted in April 2014 during the Bicycle Casino contract acquisition. Originally starting off as an associate and working her way to a Senior Associate, Lupe has been involved with new hire training and final interviews for over 3 years and continues to play an integral role in the training, development, and selection for new hires at Bicycle, Players, and Golden West Casinos. In July, Lupe was promoted to Development Supervisor and now contributes to larger development initiatives for Southern California.

Prior to her career in the casino industry, Lupe went to UC Santa Cruz and double majored in Latin American and Latino Studies and Sociology. During her collegiate years, Lupe also spent time traveling and studying abroad in Brazil, to which she has a lot of traveling stores and even a near-death water experience in Rio de Janeiro! Outside of work, Lupe could be described as a foodie! Lupe loves trying different foods and knows a lot about good restaurants and hole-in-the-wall places around Los Angeles. With years of experience in the casino industry and a genuine interest to connect with people she meets, Lupe has been a great addition to the Knighted Development team! Take a look at the video interview above to learn a little more about Lupe!

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