Southern California – Thanksgiving Shout-Outs

Players Casino

I’m thankful for Kamaran because he is great at floor duties.

I’m thankful for having a job like this because having a place to show up to everyday where everyone is genuinely happy to see you makes life all that much better.

I’m thankful for Evan because he is helpful with any questions I ask.

I’m thankful for Fortnite because it has successfully ruined my social life… and my financial life.

I’m thankful for turkeys because they give their lives for us every year so we can celebrate Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for Choy and Xavier because they are fun friends to have sushi dates with
I’m thankful for Matt Q. because he is a cool supervisor

I’m thankful for my 49-year-old organ donor because I wouldn’t be alive today.

I’m thankful for Jasmine and Choy because they go with me to Gen and sushi.

I’m thankful for Kamaran because he comes in the clutch when necessary.

I’m thankful for the people in my life, whether it be family, friends, or coworkers because they all encourage and always willing to help when asked and I don’t deserve it but they do it anyways.

I’m thankful for the black cushions for BJ 18 because I am short and need the added height.

I’m thankful that all of our associates are safe and still have homes because we have people who live in the fire area and live blocks away from the T.O. incident.

I’m thankful for Andrea because she trained me well.

I’m thankful for my family because they always know how to make me laugh.

I’m thankful for the breakfast special because it’s only $2.99.

I’m thankful for Shane J. and Melissa because it’s cool to work with a couple that has each other’s back. They are goals.

I’m thankful for a second opportunity with this company because I’ve progressed more in 1 year with this company than the last 25 years of my life.

I’m thankful to be alive because I don’t know the alternative.

I’m thankful for my daughter and being able to live in California because she helps the world a be a better place and because she makes living in a beautiful place even more beautiful.

I’m thankful for dogs because they are great.

I’m thankful for KBBQ and sushi because it gives me a reason to hang out with Xavier and Jasmine.

I’m thankful for music, my girlfriend, KV, and my family because these are the things that put value in my life and shows me as much love as I show them.

I’m thankful for great people helping me train to learn new games because it’s easy to get frustrated and feel you aren’t making progress with speed assessments. Good people remind you of the progress you are making.

I’m thankful for X for going hiking with me at 7 am even though he never wakes up early.

I’m thankful for Rudy for being such a great Sup. Thank you, Rudy!

I’m thankful for my husband and daughter because they are my rock and my biggest support system. I couldn’t find a more loving family to have.

I’m thankful for Matt Q because he is always in a good mood and he is an awesome Supe.

I’m thankful for Choy because I have no choyce. Kidding, he is fun and a great Ops Lead.

I’m thankful for Andrea-Sensei because she teaches me many things and she caught my vague Ninja Turtles reference during training.

I’m thankful for Matt S.’s mustache because mustache.

I’m thankful for Rudy’s glorious mane because it helps me locate him at company events.

I’m thankful for the wonderful team members we have at Players because they often put others first.

I’m thankful for Justin! You Rock!! You are a positive influence on my Pai Gow training. Thank you.

Golden West Casino

I’m thankful for Georlita girl because she consistently embodies kindness, patience, and understanding – the hallmarks of a true leader. Girl Power 🙂

I’m thankful for Pablo because he’s always in a good mood.

I’m thankful for the KV team because this team feels like family to me. Just a bit more rambunctious maybe!

I’m thankful for the awesome supervisor team at GW because they are there for me whenever I need them. Work related or not. Thank you all!

I’m thankful for all the amazing KV employees who don’t call off because everyone gets out on time.

I’m thankful for good health.

I’m thankful for Ryan for being part of Golden West. We will miss you, good luck at Bike 🙂

Bicycle Casino – Main Floor

I’m thankful for the Ops Leads and Supervisors for helping navigate our largest operations.

Shoutout to the MF team for holding down the largest section!

Shoutout to the FC team for the ultimate teamwork!

Shoutout to the Macau team for handling the largest action in the state!

I’m thankful for everyone at Knighted because you have all made work worth coming in every day. Life is more than getting a paycheck.

I’m thankful for Marcus because he’s helpful and makes work fun.

I’m thankful for the development leads because I had no idea I remembered how to do math.

I’m thankful for working at Knighted because HR has treated me with so much kindness & mgmt always helps me in every way. Thank you guys!

I’m thankful for Morgan because he’s the best.

I’m thankful for Marcus because he always has an upbeat and positive attitude. Makes working here more fun.

I’m thankful for Kamron because he’s the best at training associates for games and parties on his birthday.

I’m thankful for Rando, Angel, Celeste, and Richani because they gave me confidence and awesome training plus donuts. They are awesome!

I’m thankful for Kamron, KD, Juan, & Irving. Thanks for keeping me grounded.

I’m thankful for Wa Bang because he does all he can, on and off the clock, for literally everyone. Truly the kindest soul I’ve ever met.

I’m thankful for Ceasar D. because he always asking if I’m ok and always giving me tips on how I can be better at my job.

I’m thankful for Robert C.

I’m thankful for Mayra because, on a horrible day, she made it better.

I’m thankful for Deep because he is always willing to help. It is appreciated.

I’m thankful for Celeste because if I need something I let her know. She has a warm heart and is a kind person.

I’m thankful for Joe S. because he makes you feel warm and welcome in the job. He has a nice tone and he smiles and cares for the team. I love his teamwork.

I’m thankful for Rando because you always remind me to think positive and it strengthens me.

I’m thankful for Shawn because he helped me when I was struggling.

I’m thankful for Jerry B.

I’m thankful for Veronica because you can’t but smile when she smiles.

I’m thankful for Brandon & Richani for always checking up on me and seeing if I’m doing okay. It means a lot to me, thank you.

I’m thankful for Kameron for always pushing me forward so I can reach my full potential.

I’m thankful for Boston Red Sox for handing the Dodgers their second world series loss on their own field.

I’m thankful for David N. because he’s been a motivational factor in my journey through motherhood and love.

I’m thankful for Janet V. because she’s a great OA.

I’m thankful for Kamron because he is a good teacher and kind person. He even tries to hide the timer so you won’t get nervous and patiently tells what you need to work on.

I’m thankful for all the leads (Ops & Dev) for taking the lead. They are doing a good job!

I’m thankful for Jacky M. because she is a great role model and teacher for associates learning UTH. She is very friendly and helpful when associates shadow her.

I’m thankful for the small interactions from KV to casino staff. I appreciate you all.

I’m thankful for Celeste because not only is she a fantastic teacher but she is a wonderfully positive person to be around.

I’m thankful for Macau associates because it’s never a dull day working with you guys. You are always willing to help in whatever way you could and you allowed me to get to know you guys.

I’m thankful for Ceasar D. because he finishes his whole shift even though he isn’t feeling well.

I’m thankful for Selah because she gave me good advice.

I’m thankful Ceaser D. because he is a kind and warm person. With him, you feel you want to go to work.

I’m thankful for Rando, Celeste, Angel & Brandon because y’all trained me.

I’m thankful for Mayra & Christine because of the box! You guys are my SHEROES!

I’m thankful for Rando because he was a great trainer week 1 and consistently checked in on us after we left his class.

I’m thankful for Stace W. for being my friend, my mentor, and now my angel. You’re never forgotten!

I’m thankful for Shawn Z. because he gives me someone to look forward to getting to know better.

I’m thankful for Selah for having someone to bounce ideas off of.

I’m thankful Alvaro because he helps out Ops.

I’m thankful for Mayra for all the years of friendship.

I’m thankful for Nick C. for giving me a new friend.

I’m thankful for Edgar because he helps pick up shifts even when he is really tired.

I’m thankful for Quynh P. because of office hours.

I’m thankful for Bryan A. for handling Macau effortlessly.

I’m thankful for Santiago because he is a shining beacon of hope and inspiration.

I’m thankful for operations leads because they are the hardest working group.

I’m thankful for development leads because they take whatever task is needed.

I’m thankful for Davis because he is the best partner.

I’m thankful for the surveillance team for being our eye in the sky and for awesome documentation.

I’m thankful for HR because they handle all the difficult things we need help with.

I’m thankful for Connie because she shows me how to do things nicer.

I’m thankful for Pam because she is a good voice of reason.

I’m thankful for Zech because he is always approachable.

I’m thankful for Joe because he is our human calculator.

I’m thankful for Kent because he is cool.

I’m thankful for all the associates who stay OT because we would not ask if don’t really need it.

I’m thankful for Richard A. because I asked him questions and he tries to show me and lets me understand the games. He is very kind.

I’m thankful for Kamron because he’s a training beast!

I’m thankful for Christine S. because she always keeps it real and is willing to tell the truth.

I’m thankful for Javier F because he is a kind person and is concerned.

I’m thankful for Junior because he taught me ways to count action and remember hands in a way that totally clicked for me.

I’m thankful for Esther because she explains details and she really wants you to know the game.

I’m thankful for Armando because he always smiles and makes you feel welcomed.

I’m thankful for chef Wa B.  because he is always there when I find myself in trouble.

I’m thankful for Angel because he is the best teacher!

Bicycle Casino – Freedom Court

I’m thankful for C.D. He is one of the coolest coworkers. He’s always has a witty banter and makes the workday seem more entertaining.

I’m thankful for Joseph S. Thanks a lot!

I’m thankful for KV Team. They have been very helpful in helping myself with the preparation of my child and looking out for me when I was struggling.

I’m thankful for Berlin. She always comes into work with a smile and always brings a positive energy.

I’m thankful for Noah. He makes me laugh. His smile lightens up my day.

I’m thankful for Rob M. because you are the best.

I’m thankful for Miss Kim Q. because she’s cool.

I’m thankful for Harold for being a good lead and making work a bit more fun.

I’m thankful for Alma. She is facing her fears and is teaching what perseverance means.

I’m thankful for Grave Freedom Court Associates. Always pleasant and friendly with each other, makes working a difficult shift/section more pleasant.

I’m thankful for Sergio M. He cleans the dust from the freedom court fans.

I’m thankful for KT. He never has excuses always has the patience for all of us.

I’m thankful for Marion. She’s such an amazing person. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

I’m thankful for Rob M. He picks up tables showing us rookies how it is done.

I’m thankful for CJ, Delaine, and Rob. During these difficult times I’ve been dealing with, they’ve provided help and support without wanting anything in return.

I’m thankful for Christian J. He picks up his tables and lets me go home.

Bicycle Casino – Macau

I’m thankful for Deep K. for being an awesome shift lead and keeping it real.

I’m thankful for KV, Majesty, and Bicycle Casino for giving a lot of work opportunities to people regardless of age and race.

I’m thankful for all the people that work at Knighted Ventures. The people are genuine and care about each other’s work life and at times life outside of work

I’m thankful for my fiance and 2 kids. They give me life.

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