Power Players – January 2019

It was just like any other day on Baccarat; players concentrating on the prediction board to determine where they’ll place their bets next. “Any other bets?” the dealer asks while players make their decisions, adding last-minute bets to the baseline. The first card is out… no more bets. The dealer proceeds to deal out a six card hand and Banker wins. Dealer’s hand moves across the table collecting all the bonus bets, turning away to face seat 7. At this exact moment, the player in seat 2, whose bonus bet had been collected, moves their bet forward, placing it perfectly on the banker bet and walks away. The dealer proceeds to pay out the rest of the banker bets, ending at seat 2. The associate, Leelong Nukhai, and the dealer both look at each other and are thinking the same thing– this bet wasn’t here before. Leelong confirms this and as the dealer goes to move the bet, a player in another seat insists that the bet was there and should be paid out. The floor is called over to assess the situation. Leelong calls his supervisor over as well, per protocol. After a camera check, it is determined that the bet had in fact been placed after the hand was over and was not to be paid out.

Remember being told in training how important it was to know where each base bet was and to be aware of your blind spots on the table? Specifically seats 2 and 7? This is a perfect example of what can go wrong if you don’t! Shout out to Leelong for noticing this mistake and sticking to his gut while, at the same time, remaining professional.

Leelong is one of our veteran associates here at Knighted, marking 2 years back in October. He currently works at Lotus Casino in Sacramento and even though Leelong is qualified up to Pai Gow, he mentioned that Baccarat is still his favorite game. When we reached out to Leelong to let him know he had won this month’s Power Player and that he had a $300 prize, he decided that he would take on a PlayStation 4 bundle to gift to his son for the holidays. Thank you again for your hard work, Leelong! We wish you and your family a happy holiday!


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