Remembering our Fellow Knight


This month, the Bike team has chosen to spotlight Edgar Lopez, a Knight that worked with us for 5 years that we recently lost. Edgar (known on the floor as Elo) had a positive attitude and was passionate about what he did. He was known for his quick wit and jokes, bringing laughter whenever you needed it and an ear to listen if you were going through something. The following are just a few of the many, wonderful moments shared with him by our Bike supervisors:

Edgar touched all of our lives and he meant the world to all of us. Edgar was always the one to make you smile on your toughest days. He had a sense of humor that would lift your spirits. That alone would let you know that you would be okay and that you would make it through the day. You know you could always count on Edgar when you needed things to get done, help out the team, or needed a laugh. Edgar’s spirit lives on in all of us and he will be dearly missed.
– Davis Nguyen

Edgar was always such a joy to be around and I enjoyed every minute of it. He made my dark days bright and my bright days even brighter. I am saddened that I will not be able to share more of my time with him but will cherish all the good memories I have with Edgar by my side.
Joseph Shumsky

It was a pleasure to have spent time with Edgar.   He was kind but playful, smart but silly, He comes in often to help me out on my shift and I guess not like most, he does not need any requirements to have such positive and cheerful disposition.  While most of us at times vent about long hours and busy days, I have yet to hear Edgar complain. He tells me with a smile that he will work 7 days of 12 hours for me- to just give him a call. He is quick with his jokes and friendly jabs, then he apologizes immediately just for a slim chance you get offended (I never did.  He is always just funny). Knowledgeable in a lot of aspects of life, he can carry any conversation. He would have random thoughts and questions that as expected, he can’t let go. I think Google might be his favorite word. 🙂

Any opportunity to make connections, he takes.  Even with shyness in his eyes, he bravely shares himself.  But outside of his evident skills in talking, Edgar knows how to listen.  These past few days that he has left us, people have shared such wonderful stories of how he has listened and showed empathy to them.  He did this without taking any credit. He was never boastful, never selfish, never insincere. He was simply present, compassionate and kind.

William James once said, “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”  Edgar has achieved that. His memory will live within me and the many more people that he has touched.

We will always miss you, Edgar.
Christine Sarmiento

Edgar was the self-proclaimed people’s champion.  He always had a positive influence on others with a constant smile on his face.  He would often keep me accountable and ask why I had the “foo-foo face”. Edgar would never complain about anything at work and whenever I needed him I could count on him to help out.  He was highly intelligent and would use verbiage straight out of an S.A.T class however he would never belittle anyone or came off as arrogant. His “chicanery” was always with good intentions and for the best.  Edgar you old chunk of coal, we’ll miss you, brother.
Nicholas Chin

Edgar was a brilliant and funny man. As smart as he was, he would regularly use this strength to see what he could get away with. Which meant that I was always giving him, as he put it, “sass”. It was always a new and engaging conversation with him. I will miss how he would help keep my wits sharp. Every day I worked with Edgar was a fun day. Our hearts are broken at the loss. We will miss you.
Mayra Resendiz

Edgar was a pleasure to work with and get to know these past few years. He was so much fun to be around. He was always quick to joke and jab, keeping everyone on their toes. So many memories of shared laughter, especially at each other’s expense. He had this infectious energy which could bring up everyone around him. We will miss you, brother.
Alejandro Feliz

Edgar was an intelligent, witty, social being with unmatched charisma and enthusiasm. He could make the challenge of running the Board look fun and exciting. He was very helpful to the team, went to Florida on a day’s notice, and picked up many shifts at Bike on his days off. He once came in on short notice and when I tried to thank him, he responded, “Oh no, I love coming in to work.”

Edgar was a leader in his own way and for all the right reasons. Not for any title, but to make a difference. He lived his life with purpose and made an impact, as he was sure to bring a smile or a laugh to anyone he came in to contact with. And as people share their memories of Edgar, he is described as more than a coworker, but a friend. For so many reasons, Edgar will be missed, but he has left his mark and will continue to live on through our fondest of memories. Thank you for all the memories, Edgar!
Connie Chung



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