BGC Public Workshops – February 2019

The California Bureau of Gambling Control is in the process of holding a series of public workshops to discuss proposed changes in cardroom gaming. Most of these forums have had Knights, and many others, packed into large meeting spaces to show their full support of our industry.

At a glance, you would see the bureau’s panel of 5 members facing a large crowd of professionally dressed community leaders seated with cardroom teams standing enthusiastically behind, holding large signs, wearing matching t-shirts, and cheering each other on. Attendees have included: cardroom owners and personnel, mayors, city councilmembers, nonprofit representatives, and other key community contributors. A large number of these individuals have taken the opportunity to testify directly to the Bureau about how proposed changes could affect their livelihoods and communities. Many have voiced support for the tax revenue generated by cardrooms, and others have shared their personal experiences and desire to keep cardrooms just as they are.

To date, workshops have been held in Redding, Los Angeles, Antioch, San Marcos, and Clovis. The Bureau will hold two more public meetings in Riverside and Sacramento. Should you wish to join any of these as a speaker, please inform your Supervisor.

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