Employee Spotlight – February 2019

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.


Michael P.
Parkwest Casino Lodi

Michael came on to our team with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. In the 8 months that he’s been here he’s dedicated himself to the learning the games and has expressed his interest in being a mentor.

He’s always willing to help out the team, whether it’s overtime, being called in on off days, and being sent to other locations. He continuously goes above and beyond and has proven to be an asset to Lodi and to Knighted. His ambition and drive carry on to the rest of his peers. Thank you for your continuous hard work, Michael! We’re excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for you.

Bay Area

Jasras D.
Napa Valley Casino

Jasras D. joined the Knighted Ventures team last September and has become a mainstay at the Napa Valley Casino during his short time with us. His consistent upbeat and energetic personality have time and again helped energize the team, and he does so in a way that is both professional and poised.

His punctuality and commitment to team needs has been remarkable thus far and is something that should be emulated by others. On top of being an excellent cheerleader and hype man for many of our associates, he has been able to balance his time to focus on his own personal and professional development. ‘Jazz’ is an exceptional associate and we are thankful to have him on our team.

Southern California

Cameron W.
Golden West Casino

Cameron joined the Knighted team exactly 2 years ago and was quickly recognized to be helpful with operational and development needs on a daily basis. Cameron is known to be consistent and willing to help with overtime and working 6 days a week. He also enjoys assisting his team members develop their skills and stands out for being able to handle VIP players and high action games with ease.

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