Power Players – February 2019

Blackjack is one of those games that, even after advancing to all other games, is fun to come back to every now and then to peep what’s happening and keep your skills sharp. It’s even better when you have a good hand with some double downs and splits: a challenge! Here at Knighted, we like challenges. In this instance, Suzie rotated onto Blackjack and this hand looked something like that. All bets were placed and dealer began dealing out cards. Seat 6 decided to double down on their hand. Noted. Hand completed, bank hand busted and all players won. As bets were paid, the dealer forgot to pay out the doubled down bet and Suzie immediately noticed, making sure that the player received their payout for that winning bet. Nice job, Suzie!

We are proud to recognize one of our more veteran team members this month! Suzie is currently a Red Belt at Lodi Casino in Sacramento and is getting her hours in for Tiles as we speak. She truly is a team player as she is vocal and an active participant in everything from preshifts, to Knighted Neighbors events and even participated in an HR rotation. When Suzie was informed that she was this month’s Power Player, she was shocked. She didn’t think she had a chance of winning since it was such a large pool of team members participating. But nevertheless, she was grateful. For her prize, Suzie mentioned she had some new expenses coming up so Knighted Writer provided her with a $300 Visa gift card to help out with that. Thank you again for all your hard work, Suzie!

Wondering how you can be entered in the monthly Power Player raffle? Speak with your Supervisor team to learn more about how to submit your catches. Next month could be you!

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