Employee Spotlight – April 2019

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.


Toua Y.
Parkwest Casino Cordova

Cordova has nominated Toua Y. to be our next Employee Spotlight! He’s currently 4 months into his journey and he immediately hit his stride when he hit the casino floor. He’s knowledgeable on Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three Card Poker and has expressed interest in moving up in the company. He executes at a high level due to his focus, attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

Aside from being an awesome Associate, Toua is also an avid gamer. He’s currently playing Apex Legends and enjoys the fast-paced action it provides, so for all of you fellow gamers out there looking for a wingman, feel free to reach out! When he’s not playing games he’s actively working out. Being fit and taking care of his body has always been a priority of his. Click the video above to find out more about Toua!

Bay Area

Monica S.
Parkwest Casino 580

In the Bay Area, Casino 580 has chosen to highlight Monica S. in this edition of the Knighted Writer! Known for her diligence, cheerful attitude and easy-going personality, Monica has been a positive light on the casino floor to her supervisors and her team around her. Originally from Michigan, Monica relocated to the Bay Area about 9 years ago. She joined the Knighted team in 2018 and is about 2 months away from hitting her one-year Knightiversary!

Monica is a big fan of Disney, Anime, and all things Sci-Fi. She actually had the opportunity to attend a Sci-Fi convention in SoCal one year and met Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton (right picture above). In addition, a fun fact about Monica is that she played the violin for three years in high-school. Now even though she strives to do a great job in everything she does from her work, her writing, playing the violin, she prefers to avoid the spotlight. When she played the violin in her high school orchestra, she made sure she was seated hidden in the orchestra pit! The orchestra pit is exactly what that sounds like, a pit below the stage, away from everyone’s line of sight. But you better believe she still played the heck out of that violin and made that orchestra sound good!

Even when she was told she was selected to be featured in this article, it took her some time to decide that she wanted to do it. So shout out to Monica for taking pride in doing her best work because she wants to make her team look good! Thank you so much for allowing us to highlight you and give you the recognition you deserve! Click the video below to find out what game Monica is currently training on and all the cool places she has traveled!

Southern California

Stanley O.
Players Casino

This month, Players Casino has selected associate Stanley O. to recognize. Although Stanley has only been with Knighted for a few months, he has made a great impact on the team! He has advanced through the games quickly and is currently learning our last game, Pai Gow. Associates and managers alike enjoy working with Stanley as he exhibits good leadership skills, helps out with the team whenever possible, and is reliable. He takes opportunities for improvement very seriously and is always looking for ways to better himself.

Outside of work, Stanley has an active lifestyle and competitively played baseball from childhood into college. In high school, his team made it to the CIF championship where they competed at Dodger’s Stadium. Although he does not play baseball anymore, he likes to stay fit and enjoys watching hockey in his free time. To learn more about Stanley, check out his video above!

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