Power Players – April 2019


On January 29th, at our newest casino addition, Garlic City in Gilroy, Justin H. was sitting at UTH 18 when the dealer was setting the bank hand as a no qualify. Justin quickly interfered when he noticed that the dealer missed seeing a flush. He said he’s caught a bunch of mistakes on that table and it seemed like it was no big deal to him, but little did he know that catch was worth $300 to us. Check out the video below!

Thanks to Justin’s quick action and focus, we were able to prevent this mistake. When we reached out to him he couldn’t believe he won and was ecstatic. We asked about his choice of prize and he chose an Apple Watch along with some headphones. We even added a little gift card to round it off!


Thanks again for the focus and dedication and congrats again, Justin! We hope you enjoy your prize.


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