Knighted Goes Green – April 2019

KV GREEEN.pngHave you been wanting to help the environment but you’re just not sure how? If so, let us tell you, there are so many little things you can do at home to “Go Green” that will also help the environment! 

Now before we get to what those things are, let’s first get on the same page and talk about what “Going Green” actually means. Going green means making choices that reduce, minimize, or even help reverse the negative impact of our actions on earth and its resources. To take it a step further, going green is about finding innovative ways to recycle and to address the causes of global warming so we can slow it down or even prevent it. You like living on this planet, right? You want to see it stick around for as long as possible, right? Let’s find out what you could do to make that happen.



  1. Make sure those faucets are shut tight. Leaky faucets across the country lead to tons of wasted water.
  2. Turn off the lights when you walk out of a room, even if you plan on going back in. In other countries, governments have been known to set limits on power usage in an effort to save energy. Let’s not take our power for granted!
  3. Unplug electronics. In addition to turning off lights, we could save energy by making sure we unplug things that are not being used like TVs, coffee pots, computer monitors. Even though the electronic isn’t on, keeping them plugged in wastes A LOT of electricity.
  4. Buy water filters. We all know about how bad plastic is for our planet earth. Instead of buying water bottles that don’t end up getting recycled half the time, invest in water filters and reusable water bottles!
  5. Go Paperless! Visit online or call your credit card companies, cable providers, 401k providers and set up all your accounts to email your statements instead of mailing them to you. Chances are you probably throw those paper statements in the trash anyway, so let’s save paper!
  6. Buy reusable/washable cloths instead of paper towels. In addition to all the trees that are cut down for paper towels, hundreds of thousands of paper towels are dumped into landfills every day.
  7. Last but not least, Carpool/ Use public transportation. Your car emits a lot of gases and pollution that leads to dirty air, water, and land. Let’s help keep our planet clean!

A little bit goes a long way! Let’s keep our earth green, Knights!

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