2019 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is upon us once again, and this year we’ve got some amazing changes: we’re offering a new Anthem Bronze PPO plan as the no-cost plan option for 2019-2020! Because of this change, we are requiring that every Knighted team member call in to re-elect their benefits this year.



The biggest change is the addition of this new plan on top of the current EPO I, EPO II and PPO III plans on the Anthem Network. The Bronze PPO Plan is the no-cost plan for the employee-only coverage and has a higher deductible and copayment amounts. The Bronze and PPO III plans allow members the option of seeking care from health providers outside of the Anthem Network. Both the EPO I and EPO plans offer only in-network benefits.



The Enrollment Center will be open from 9:00AM through 9:00PM PST from Monday, May 20 through Friday, May 31.

You should have already received your benefits guidebook in the mail. If not, speak with your manager so we can order you a replacement.

This year, participation in open enrollment is required. This means that even if you plan to decline coverage or keep your plans the same, you still need to call the enrollment center to confirm your choice.


  • Questions about eligibility for coverage: Call BSC at 800-842-6635
  • Questions about making changes to my coverage or plan: Call BVI at 855-669-0613
  • Questions about the network or my claims: Call AmeriBen Customer Care at 855-258-2659
  • Questions about pharmacy coverage: Call RxBenefits at 800-334-8134
  • Questions about dental / vision: Call Cigna 800-244-6224
  • Questions about the LAP: Call Cigna at 877-622-4327
  • Questions about COBRA: Call BSC at 800-842-6635


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