Power Players – May 2019


All bets were placed on a steady table of Three Card Poker at Garlic City Casino. It’s around 5:30 pm and Rosa G. and her 2nd pair were steadfastly focused on the game, watching step by step as the dealer hits out the cards. Everything checks out. The game results in the dealer having a pair and the player on seat 2 having a matching card, making trips. The dealer pays out the hand normally, but as they are about to move on to the next hand Rosa notices that seat 2 was not paid out the 6-card bonus for trips and quickly extends her hand to ensure that the player receives the correct payout for the trips bonus. Unsurprisingly, this is a common mistake that’s made that can easily be overseen. 

Rosa has been with Knighted for over 3 months now and is currently on track to be qualified for Three Card Poker. This was definitely proof that she knows her stuff! Her professionalism and fantastic attendance is an inspiration to us all and we are thrilled to highlight her for her hard work. Thank you again for all of your hard work, Rosa!



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