Employee Spotlight – September 2019

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.






Mai Kue V.
Parkwest Casino Lodi

Mai Kue V. is our Employee Spotlight for edition 56! She’s a positive and enthusiastic team member who brings joy to others around her. When she’s not catching mistakes on the table, she’s a passionate mother who enjoys spending quality time with her family. Mai Kue is the mother of 5 children. She was born and raised in Stockton, CA and recently moved back from North Carolina 3 years ago!

A fun fact is that she used to play on her high school basketball team during her sophomore year. One of her favorite hobbies is paper quilling. Paper quilling is an art where long, thin strips of paper are rolled and pinched to make different shapes to create a decorative piece of art.


We reached out to Lodi Supervisor Mai Youa and she had this to say about Mai Kue:

“She’s only been with the company for 7 months and has exceeded our expectations by learning all the games quickly and is now finishing up Pai Gow. Many of her peers said that she is a team leader, cooperative, and easy to work with.”

Congratulations Mai Kue! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

Bay Area





Cheenat S.
Palace Poker Room

Cheenat S., Palace Poker Room associate, was born to be spotlighted! Here’s what we learned while interviewing Cheenat for his elected spotlight: He’s spent much time at sea as a second mate on a merchant vessel! He was born in Australia and has lived in Turkey and India. It doesn’t stop there – he is an avid photographer and motorcycle rider as well!

Cheenat joined our team in February beginning training at Casino 580. Once training was completed he cruised over to Palace Poker Room where he continues to be a spectacular asset to the team. Cheenat, thank you for your efforts!

Southern California





Alberto P. T.
Golden West Casino

Alberto started off his journey with Knighted in Los Angeles at the Bicycle casino almost 2 years ago and transferred to Golden West after 8 months. He was selected for the EE Spotlight for his consistent and exceptional performance on and off the tables. As he was striving to work on his leadership skills and always asking for feedback to improve on his Management skills we are happy to announce that Alberto was recently promoted to Ops Lead. So we would like to extend a big and proud “Congratulations” to him as he embarks a new chapter with the Knighted family.

Outside of work, Alberto likes to express his creative side by creating music and drawing, as well as being active with his family and 2-year-old daughter, his biggest motivation in life. If you would like to know why he thinks Hermione Granger from Harry Potter would make a great Gaming Associate and what age he would like to remain in forever, click on the video above.



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