Power Players – September 2019

Aiko Berry - PP

It was a full, busy Ultimate Texas Hold’Em 1 table in Lodi on a Thursday evening. Players watched intensely as the hands were being dealt to each seated player. One player looked on anxiously as cards were dealt face down and slid ever so gently underneath their BLIND button. Players checked their hands and placed their bets, waiting in anticipation to see what five cards appear on the board. Finally, after the player/dealer’s hand was revealed, all players knew their fate except for the blind bet. Slowly, the dealer turned over the two cards on the blind- it was a push! The dealer grabbed the pushed bets and attempted to use it to pay a winning ante bet on another seat. Our vigilant knight, Aiko B., stepped in with no hesitation to call out the mistake. The wrongfully collected bet was returned to the player and the winning bets were properly paid out!

Awesome job, Aiko! She has received a $300 gift card for her hard work! Be on the lookout for our next power player and continue to submit your notes. Who knows… the next POWER PLAYER could be you!



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