Knighted 2019 Summer Events

Lotus and Cordova Summer Picnic

Fun in the Sun was definitely the theme for Lotus and Cordova’s summer picnic this year. The team weathered the California heat and spent the afternoon enjoying great company, sipping cold drinks and playing yard games like the favorite, corn hole! There were board games galore and some got to show off their skills in a game of volleyball. More than just some time away from the casino, we love company events like this because they give us an opportunity to build personal relationships with each other, meet each other’s families and help build our unique company culture!

Bike Summer Picnic

As summer comes to an end, Bike Knights were able to spend one of the last days this season during their 2019 summer picnic. Picnic goers enjoyed a real LA-style feast of delicious bbq, tacos de al pastor and carne asada, elote, and a fresh fruit cart. After eating, some Knights relaxed along the pond, watching the ducks in their element and others brought out their competitive spirit and participated in fun games like blanket volleyball and freeze tag (water balloon style). Kids were definitely not excluded from the outdoor fun and enjoyed themselves on a huge obstacle jumper and the nearby playground. Needless to say, the picnic was full of great food, fun times, good memories, and friendship! A big shout out to everyone who came out and made this event so special. If you missed out this year, check out all the great pictures and keep an eye out for the next company event. You won’t want to miss it again!

580/Palace Summer Event

580 and Palace switched it up this year and combined their picnic in a grand way by having it at Boomers in Livermore. Team members got to show their competitive side in something other than card drills for a change. Everyone got unlimited 4 hour passes to do Go-Karts, mini-golf, and Lazer Tag as many times as they wanted! Speaking of Lazer Tag, shout out to the Palace team for winning every round of lazer tag. With the help of Dev Supe Eric, they were unstoppable! Whether they were outside on the water ride, or indoor in the cool air, 580 and Palace team members had a great time spending time with their team members and their families. Check out all the cool pics to see our two east bay locations come together as one!

Players Summer Event

JPEG image-152FC6F26159-1

Our Players Knights had their summer event at a location that is well known to them, Camino Real Park. Why change something that works! The day was full of many fun activities such as giant Jenga and Connect 4. There was also some team bonding during games of competitive basketball. One thing was certain, everyone had a full belly at the end of the night due to many types of amazing food! Kids partook in the fun as well with a Knighted pinata to hit back and forth. Thanks to all who made it out to another successful picnic!

Golden West Summer Event

Our Knights at Golden West braved the heat and joined together to have a great time at Silver Creek Park for their first outdoor picnic! They switched it up this year and had some fun activities for staff members to participate in. From shooting their shot on the basketball court to stuffing their faces during the pie competition, no one held back their competitiveness and everyone had a great time. Shout out to those brave souls who participated in the messiest games and thank you to those who stood on the sideline to cheer their team members on. Some people went home with cool prizes but everyone walked away with bellies full of good food and stories to tell.

Napa Summer Event

Known for being one of the friendliest teams around, Napa Valley Casino came together and this year at Round 1. This place is huge and has everything from bowling, to pool to karaoke. Their close-knit group kept it lively during their bowling games, feasting on their pizza and wings in-between frames. Hit the pool tables to show off their skills and ended the night by singing their heart out on the microphone during karaoke. The highlight of the night may very well have been Supervisor Anthony’s heartfelt speech. We definitely appreciate the unique souls here at Napa. Check out the photos of the NVC team cheering each other on throughout the night!

Lodi and Empire Summer Event

Lodi and Empire celebrated the summer festivities at the beautiful Woodward Park in Manteca. There was plenty of space for our team to get out there, be active and enjoy the outdoors. It was really great to see everyone letting their inner child out and enjoying each other’s company. Shout out to the team members who brought their babies and furry family members to join the fun! It also got pretty intense when the Jenga and Dominos came out. You know how competitive our Knighted folks get. Always in good sport though! Jai Ho also made an appearance and threw some football! Sorry if you missed out!

Sonoma Summer Event

Our Parkwest Casino Sonoma kicked off the bays picnic season in a special way. The whole supervisor team came together to create activities and games, give recognition to associates and leads and made it possible for 52 attendees to enjoy one of the hottest days of the summer! See pictures that feature winners of Sonoma’s very own Meme contest, Supervisor Elvina’s scavenger hunt, and Supervisor Jacques’ relay.

Garlic City Summer Event

Garlic City Casino came together for their very first picnic and man did they show up and show out. This team is definitely a strong one as most of these Knights have known each other for 2+ years. The GC management team rented out the entire Bocce room at Morgan Hill Bowl and we can confidently say it was the best choice! Everyone spent quality time with each other, enjoying good food and challenging each other to an array of games like giant connect 4, pool, darts, bocce ball, or a round of bowling for a prize. There were board games galore! The day ended with farewells and see you laters to Operations Manager Pritesh Chandra who will be dearly missed. Shout out to everyone who was able to come out and make that day so special

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