Employee Spotlight – November 2019

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations.


Cristian Butz 2Welcome Knights to another edition of the Employee Spotlight! For this edition, we’re going to shine our lights on Lodi Associate Cristian B.! He’s been with Knighted for over 5 months and has been working his way up the games quickly. A fun fact about Cristian is that he is also a veteran! Having served for over 6 years in the United States Air Force. He was previously stationed in South Korea and was a Korean Linguist. Not only does Cristian know multiple languages, but he’s always striving to learn new skills and trades.cristian-butz-1-.jpg

Earlier this year he began barber school and because of his hard work and dedication to his craft, he’s currently apprenticing in Sacramento when he’s not at Lodi catching mistakes on the table. Talk about hustle!

On behalf of the Knighted team, thank you for your service, Cristian and congratulations on your spotlight.


img_3860.jpgIn the Bay, we are highlighting associate and veteran, Kyle G.. He’s a supportive and helpful employee who is always there for his coworkers. When he’s not at work being an awesome Gaming Associate, he likes to hang out with friends, visit the shooting range, and relax. Kyle was in the Marine Corps for 5 years as a 5811 Military Police Officer. After training, he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for 2 years and was then sent to Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego. One of Kevin’s most memorable moments was doing CPR on an unresponsive adult involved in a vehicle collision. He was eventually relieved by EMS and thankfully the victim survived. Thank you for your service, Kyle!IMG_3857

“Kyle is always so supportive. When I was getting down on myself for not passing my CSA, Kyle told me not to give up or stress out. He helped me with drills and gave me tips and next time I took the CSA, I passed!” -G.A Grace L.

“Kyle is fun, playful and humble. When needed he’ll take on any assignment such as doubling for extended periods of time or taking over a rowdy/intense table. He also looks out for his team members and recognizes hostile/tense situations and relays it to us, offering to take over. He never has an issue with strenuous work and often compares it to his military background.” – Ops Supervisor Darren F.

“Kyle is someone who takes what he does seriously but also knows how to lighten things up when needed. He can be a jokester and keep us laughing. He makes work enjoyable for his team and the staff around him. But when it’s go time, he’ll buckle down and hold it down on the table.” – Ops Manager Lady R.


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