Supervisor Corner – November 2019

Anthony V.

Operations Supervisor, Napa

Anthony Valdez pic2In this edition of the Knighted Writer, we are featuring a bright new Supervisor up in Northern California named Anthony V.. Anthony started his career in the Gaming Industry back in 2016 as an Associate at Napa Valley Casino with absolutely no experience in casinos. Before the Gaming Industry, he had been working in the public sector with children for years, very different from what this industry entails, but one thing he carried over from that position was his hunger for growth. Taking a look at Anthony’s history with Knighted, his path into management was a pretty steady one. Along with help from the development team, he was consistently setting goals for himself to reach- from mastering each game to moving up to a Senior Associate and mentoring his peers, to running shifts as an ops lead and ultimately to becoming a Supervisor. I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone when it was made known that Anthony would be given the opportunity to help lead the team at Napa Valley Casino. Anthony is known for being in tune with his team members and checking in with them. He also takes the initiative to reach out to new team members, especially during their first few weeks at the casino to be involved in their development before they get on the floor. 

Anthony Valdez pic4.jpeg

Some fun facts about Anthony are that his favorite game to work on is Pai Gow. He really enjoys the levels of complexity it can offer. As a supervisor, he gets the most fulfillment from watching team members break through tough spots in games they’re learning and succeed. He can really identify with this as he too is currently working on mastering Tiles. A goal he is hoping to meet by 2020. One of Anthony’s biggest motivator is his father. He really appreciates the sacrifices his dad made to make his family’s life better. From the Knighted management team, thank you, Anthony, for being a positive force in the casino and helping your team continue to develop. Everyone at Napa would also like to thank you for helping foster such a strong team-oriented dynamic in the workplace. You are appreciated!

Daniel S.

Operations Supervisor, Bicycle

Daniel Siria pic 2Down in Southern California, we would like to take a moment to recognize one of the newest members of the Supervisor team at the Bicycle Casino, Daniel. Daniel joined the Knighted team back in 2013 at our first Southern California location. He moved along with the team to Bicycle in 2014 and working in such a monstrous operation like Bike, it took a little bit longer to move into management than it could at other locations. Nonetheless, Daniel worked hard, committed to his development as a team member/ leader and ultimately was able to succeed in accomplishing one of his goals to become a Supervisor. Before the Gaming Industry, Daniel always wanted to be a firefighter but fortunately for us, he found a home here at Knighted instead. With a heart destined for service, he encourages everyone around him to be a better version of themselves which is truly appreciated. Known for being humble, and “a total softy”, he adds a unique perspective to the management team. From the management team at Knighted, we want to thank you, Daniel, for all that you do for your team!daniel-siria-pic3-e1574813060583.jpeg

Some fun facts about Daniel are that he enjoys playing sports and watching anime in his free time. His favorite anime show is “Seven Deadly Sins” and if you haven’t seen this, he highly recommends you check it out on Netflix. His goal this year is to finally settle into his new home and is looking forward to his first Christmas tree! They will have a Nightmare Before Xmas Theme!!! Daniel also shared with us that he recently got married, so we would like to send our best wishes to the newlyweds as they build their new lives together. Daniel and his wife love to explore and traveling together and last fun fact, Daniel has actually visited over 7 different countries and three different continents!

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