Remembering our Fellow Knight – Shane C.

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The Players team has chosen to spotlight Shane C., a remarkable Knight that made a lasting impression on the team during his three and a half years that we recently lost. Shane provided positive and insightful ideas that helped his fellow peers both on the table and off. Known for his excellent writing skills and optimistic outlook on life, Shane was a trusted confidant to share thoughts and ideas with and he often shared his thoughts through his writings. His piece called “House Players” was featured in one of the Knighted Writers in which he spoke on the role of a Gaming Associate: 

“As the rivers turn so freely, separations breed the necessity of unity. Suited in armor, as the throngs of faces that are backed by hearts brave enough to play, dimly reflect off of our shields, we take our thrones. Though be it that our seats stand alone, we all beat in synchronicity. By the dilation of pupils, and determined focus, we may be Players, but we are still Knights, sworn to protect the integrity of the game, as a single, noble force.”

The following are just a few of the many cherished memories of the teams time with Shane:

“Shane C. would always greet everyone with a smile and a joke to share his positive energy and make people smile along with him. He always had a friendly vibe to him that made it very easy to get along with him.” -Ricardo M.

“When I think of Shane, I think of someone who gave it his all in everything he did. I remember how much he enjoyed working here with everyone. He always helpful, selfless, and had such a great attitude. He loved to write, and submitted a writing piece that won the banker brilliance award. He was such a great friend to everyone, and we were very lucky to know him.” – Choy S.

“Shane was kind-hearted and friendly to everyone who crossed his path. He would do his best to brighten someone’s day by trying to motivate them or crack a joke. He loved to write, so it wasn’t a surprise if you received a handwritten note or a long text from him. Shane is one of a kind and will continue to be missed. Rest in peace Shane.” -Jasmine R.

“Shane was definitely a very warm and caring human being. We all are in search of something in our lives: a nice car, a big house, the new iPhone, but Shane’s end goal was making those around him happy. I admire how selfless he was. I wonder if in the end, he felt happy, fulfilled and loved by those around him. Despite the struggles he faced he always maintained a joyous personality and a peace within his spirit. He left an imprint in my life and he will be missed by us all.” – Rudy V.

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