Power Players – January 2020


In this edition of Power Players, check out our superstar Collin M., who caught one of the most commonly overlooked mistakes on Pai Gow. It was a usual morning, like many others. The table was full of players, as Pai Gow often is. The atmosphere was light but still charged with the momentum & repetition of the continuous pace of action. The game was coming along, players waiting patiently, hoping to have a winning hand. There was a PG hand that had both a straight and a flush. House-way for this hand would have the dealer set AJ straight, but the dealer saw the flush first & instead set for A7 Flush, which would have been a push against the player-dealer hand. At this point, our amazing associate, Collin, interjected. He was successfully able to keep the dealer from simply pushing the base bet & moving on. Many associates view this kind of mistake as a setup. It looks right at first glance, they approve the hand, and then realize their mistake after. This is the main mistake Gaming Associates make on PGP, but not our very own Collin. Great job in catching this mistake! We are lucky to have Collin be a part of our Knighted Team!


Collin wasn’t too sure how he wanted to spend his prize initially, but he decided he wanted to be able to treat his family with this money earned so he opted for a gift card. Thank you again for your hard work, Colin and we hope you enjoy your prize!

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