Employee Spotlight – January 2020

In recognition of Knighted Associates that best exemplify teamwork, ownership, and poise in casino operations. Sacramento Jose P. Parkwest Casino Cordova Cordova Associate Jose P. has been selected for the employee spotlight! He’s been with Knighted for a little over 9 months. Currently, he pushes BJ, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and is […]

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BGC Public Workshops – January 2020

The Bureau of Gambling Control recently held a workshop to discuss proposed changes to regulations regarding the player-dealer rotation. These changes would not only eliminate thousands of jobs from Californians, but would severely impact the local communities where cardrooms stand. Over 80 Knights gathered at the Ben Ali Shrine Center in Sacramento to rally against […]

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Supervisor Corner – January 2020

Michael D. Operations Supervisor, Lotus What’s your name? Do you have any cool nicknames? Michael D. My nickname has been Duran since high school. It all started when Mike Cuddy, a friend who was with Knighted and referred me, gave me the name to resolve any confusion among our friend group. How long have you […]

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Power Players – January 2020

  In this edition of Power Players, check out our superstar Collin M., who caught one of the most commonly overlooked mistakes on Pai Gow. It was a usual morning, like many others. The table was full of players, as Pai Gow often is. The atmosphere was light but still charged with the momentum & […]

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Power Players – November 2019

  At Empire Sportsman Cardroom on October 15th, Sahara was seated on a Blackjack table, just doing her job like any other day. On this specific hand, the player in seat 5 decided they wanted to surrender their bet. Nothing unusual, but then a common mistake happened. When the dealer went to collect the losing […]

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Supervisor Corner – November 2019

Anthony V. Operations Supervisor, Napa In this edition of the Knighted Writer, we are featuring a bright new Supervisor up in Northern California named Anthony V.. Anthony started his career in the Gaming Industry back in 2016 as an Associate at Napa Valley Casino with absolutely no experience in casinos. Before the Gaming Industry, he […]

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