Power Players – January 2020

  In this edition of Power Players, check out our superstar Collin M., who caught one of the most commonly overlooked mistakes on Pai Gow. It was a usual morning, like many others. The table was full of players, as Pai Gow often is. The atmosphere was light but still charged with the momentum & […]

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Power Players – November 2019

  At Empire Sportsman Cardroom on October 15th, Sahara was seated on a Blackjack table, just doing her job like any other day. On this specific hand, the player in seat 5 decided they wanted to surrender their bet. Nothing unusual, but then a common mistake happened. When the dealer went to collect the losing […]

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Power Players – September 2019

It was a full, busy Ultimate Texas Hold’Em 1 table in Lodi on a Thursday evening. Players watched intensely as the hands were being dealt to each seated player. One player looked on anxiously as cards were dealt face down and slid ever so gently underneath their BLIND button. Players checked their hands and placed […]

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Power Players – May 2019

  All bets were placed on a steady table of Three Card Poker at Garlic City Casino. It’s around 5:30 pm and Rosa G. and her 2nd pair were steadfastly focused on the game, watching step by step as the dealer hits out the cards. Everything checks out. The game results in the dealer having […]

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Power Players – April 2019

On January 29th, at our newest casino addition, Garlic City in Gilroy, Justin H. was sitting at UTH 18 when the dealer was setting the bank hand as a no qualify. Justin quickly interfered when he noticed that the dealer missed seeing a flush. He said he’s caught a bunch of mistakes on that table […]

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Power Players – February 2019

Blackjack is one of those games that, even after advancing to all other games, is fun to come back to every now and then to peep what’s happening and keep your skills sharp. It’s even better when you have a good hand with some double downs and splits: a challenge! Here at Knighted, we like […]

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Power Players – January 2019

It was just like any other day on Baccarat; players concentrating on the prediction board to determine where they’ll place their bets next. “Any other bets?” the dealer asks while players make their decisions, adding last-minute bets to the baseline. The first card is out… no more bets. The dealer proceeds to deal out a […]

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Power Players – November 2018

It was just like any other day on blackjack at Parkwest Sonoma Casino. The dealer hits the first card to each player, leaving a card for the bank hand. Dealer proceeds to build the hands, taking heed from the players. With a 5 for the bank hand showing, the dealer flips the second card… a […]

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Power Players – October 2018

The clock hits 9:53pm and all bets are in on UTH23. Player receives their 2 cards and decides to play the hand. Check, check, and check and the player wins! Oswaldo pushes out his rack and the dealer begins to pay all the bets. Only the dealer doesn’t qualify and Oswaldo notices just in the […]

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Power Players – September 2018

The Knighted Writer is excited to recognize one of our veteran team members, Nexus Assoon, as this month’s Power Player! Nexus has been with Knighted for over 5 years and is one of our go-to Pai-Gow Poker associates at the Bicycle Casino. So, what mistake did Nexus catch this past month that made him a Power Player? Let’s […]

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